ZEIT-ZEUG*INNEN – Icons of Photojournalism 1932 – 1986

20. May 2020
16. August 2020


With works by: Eve Arnold, Micha Bar-Am, Bruno Barbey, René Burri, Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, Leonard Freed, Jean Gaumy, Burt Glinn, Ernst Haas, Josef Koudelka, Erich Lessing, Peter Marlow, Susan Meiselas, Wayne Miller, James Nachtwey, Marc Riboud, Miguel Rio Branco, George Rodger, Sebastião Salgado, David Seymour, Chris Steele-Perkins, Dennis Stock

Photojournalists show us the world. As observers, they take part in historical events in the front row and document current affairs. Their pictures, taken at the decisive moment – the fraction of a second – shape our collective memory.

Photographs such as Robert Capa‘s from the Spanish Civil War, René Burri‘s portrait of Che Guevara, Kudelka‘s reportage of the Prague Spring or Marc Riboud‘s photograph of a young woman standing alone with a flower in her hand in front of the armed U.S. National Guard, have shaped how entire generations understand politics and influenced their social action.

ZEIT-ZEUG*INNEN VOL. I shows works by members of the legendary agency Magnum Photos. With great commitment, passion and at great personal risk, they have captured moments that made history. Under the shocking impression of the Second World War, they developed a new concept of photojournalistic work. They saw themselves as humanists and enlighteners and devoted themselves to the important issues of their time. The human being and the effects of political and military conflicts on the individual were the focus of their work.

The exhibition is an emotional visual journey through five decades of photojournalistic work in the 20th century; the so-called Golden Age of photojournalism. The authors had access to high-circulation magazines, such as Life, Time Magazine, Paris Match, Spiegel and Stern which distributed their extensive long-term reportages. Before television’s vast expansion, it was their images that reached a huge readership, connected them to the wide world and brought news from everywhere to people’s living rooms.

ZEIT-ZEUG*INNEN VOL. I is kindly supported by the FamilyOffice partnership PARITER|fortis from Munich.

Photograph: © Robert Capa/Magnum Photos, Loyalist Soldier, Spain, 1936.