HIDDEN – Animals in the Anthropocene

10. March 2021 8. August 2021

Jon Amad, Stefano Belacchi, Daniel Beltrá, Adam Dean, Aitor Garmendia, Aaron Gekoski, Kelly Guerin, Jan van IJken | Precious Animals, Britta Jaschinski, Lissy Jayne, Konrad Lozinski, Selene Magnolia, Jo-Anne McArthur, Kristo Muurimaa, Adam Oswell, Carlota Saorsa, Andrew Skowron, Timo Stammberger, Luis Tato, Gav Wheatley    

Actually, it’s clear to all of us: our consumer behavior has been ecologically unsustainable for a long time. But instead of really looking for alternatives, we accept factory farming so that our daily piece of meat is always available. To follow the latest trends, we wear clothes that are produced under conditions that are unworthy of humans and animals. For our recreational pleasure we visit zoos where animals are kept far away from their natural habitat.

A closer look at industrial agriculture, the fashion and entertainment industries, research and fishing reveals the cruelty to which animals are subjected on a daily basis. The belief that we can use certain species for our needs is ingrained in us: we capture and imprison them, wear their skin, eat their flesh, and experiment on their bodies in the name of science. How is it that we make such distinctions between domestic and farm animals?

For the project HIDDEN – Animals in the Anthropocene, 40 photographers have joined forces, including some of the world’s best-known wildlife photographers, such as Daniel Beltrá, Aaron Gekoski and Britta Jaschinski. With their photographs, they want to pay attention to this painful subject and raise awareness about the deplorable living conditions animals endure every day.

We know that what we see is wrong.

An exhibition in cooperation with We Animals Media.

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Image ​© 2020 We Animals Media / Britta Jaschinski