10. November 2022 13. November 2022

With works by: Sandra Buschow, Attila Hartwig, Silke Jacobsen, Nancy Jesse, Jörg Meier, Michael O’Ryan, Saskia Reis, Helen Stevens, Tara Wolff

The f3–MASTERCLASS PORTRAIT exhibition combines nine positions in contemporary portrait photography. Under the direction of Sibylle Fendt, the photographers developed individual series within a year.

The result is an astonishing variety of narrative forms, in which the focus is always on the human being. In humorous, melancholic, abstract, nostalgic, narrative, conceptual and collaborative works we meet namesakes, neighbours, soul mates, displaced people, disadvantaged people, our own families – and always ourselves.

The f3–MASTERCLASS PORTRAIT is aimed at photographers and photo artists who focus on the genre of portrait photography. The participants discussed their work in regular project presentations and intensive dialogues. In addition to the creative/artistic examination of the series, questions about the organization of exhibitions, the sale of pictures, the publication and marketing of photographs, in short: everything that belongs to the everyday work of successful photographers and photo artists, finds a place in the master class.

Vernissage: November 9, 2022 from 7 p.m. in f– freiraum für fotografie. Admission is free!

Photo: © Tara Wolff