13. October 2018 , 19:00
Public Portfolio-Walk RICH AND FAMOUS 2018
Selected photographers and photo artists from Berlin present their work. They took part in the Portfolio-Reviews RICH AND FAMOUS 2018 with renowned experts from magazines, exhibition institutions and galleries before. Get together with drinks and prezels.
Free admission!
The following 20 photographers will present their work to the public: Verena Brüning, David Dollmann, Alina Fedorenko, Laura Fiorio, Romy Maxime Fuchs, Dagmar Gester, Vincent Haiges, Sophie Kirchner, Michael Kuchinke-Hofer, Mar Martin, Aline Mauch, Sascha Richter, Debora Ruppert, Alina Simmelbauer, Maria Sturm, Schmoo Theune, Alexa Vachon, Andrea Vollmer, Sarah Walzer, Hannes Wiedemann.
EXPERTS at the Portfolio-Review RICH AND FAMOUS 2018:
– Nadine Barth, curator and journalist
– Milena Carstens, photo editor ZEITmagazin
– Anastasia Hermann and Kevin Mertens, Emerge magazine
– Andreas Herzau, freelance photographer
– Gisela Kayser, artistic director Friends of the Willy-Brandt-Haus
– Carol Körting, editor and Scout Leica Fotografie International
– Kirsten Landwehr, Gallery for Modern Photography
– Miriam Zlobinski, freelance curator and photo editor

– Katharina Mouratidi, artistic director f3 – freiraum für fotografie

In the framework of European Month of Photography Berlin (EMOP)

The program is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the City of Berlin.