Blinde Fotograf:innen Frau rote Handschuhe


2. October 2020 , 19:00

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition


with works by Susanne Emmermann, Mary Hartwig, Silja Korn and Gerald Pirner.

Greetings: Jürgen Dusel, The Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities.
Introduction: Katharina Mouratidi, Artistic Director f³ – freiraum für fotografie in conversation with the photographers of the exhibition.

Blind photographers – that sounds like a paradox. Isn’t the act of taking a picture inevitably linked to seeing? The exhibition proves the opposite: In order to create visual art, one needs a strong inner vision, sophisticated technology and teamwork.

BLIND PHOTOGRAPHERS presents the work of four photo artists who have gone blind in the course of their lives. For many years they have been dealing with what is actually impossible for them: seeing. For their photographs they use the technique of light painting, which is almost as old as photography itself. In completely darkened rooms or at night, the photographers use different light sources and long exposure to work out the aspects of an image that they want to convey to their counterpart. They receive support from sighted assistants who arrange the motifs according to the photographers instructions and translate them verbally in detail, what they cannot perceive visually. 

This collaboration gives the blind photographer a high degree of control over the resulting images. The concentrated examination of the medium leads to individual and unique visual language: Susanne Emmermann deals with the subject of hands in an abstract play of colors and shapes: “Hands transport feelings, like eyes. Hands give support. They stand for love and the presence of the other. But of course also for aggression, which is not the focus for me.” Mary Hartwig‘s expressionistic narrative forms take us into enchanted worlds that are reminiscent of the experiences of Alice in Wonderland. Silja Korn examines the expression of her own self in intoxicating colors. Finally, Gerald Pirner‘s intense black and white series focuses on the self-portrait and his contradicting relationship to light. 

In cooperation with the Fotostudio für Blinde Fotograf*innen and with friendly support of Aktion Mensch.

As part of the EMOP – European Month of Photography 2020.

Photo: © Susanne Emmermann / Fotostudio für Blinde Fotograf*innen