7. April 2021 , 19:00

Britta Jaschinski is one of the photographers whose haunting images we are showing in our new exhibition HIDDEN – Animals in the Anthropocene. She is considered one of the most renowned wildlife photographers in the world and provides insights into her work and her commitment in the FOTO-TALK.

You can find the link to the LIVE ZOOM TALK here.

The photographer is known for her unique style and has won numerous international awards. Her investigative images and multimedia shows can be hard-hitting yet hauntingly beautiful and inspiring. Jaschinski’s work has been published by Geo, National Geographic, Stern, Spiegel, The Guardian, WWF Media and numerous other magazines, newspapers and books worldwide. Jaschinski is a co-founder of Photographers Against Wildlife Crime™, an international group of photographers who have come together to help end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetime through their iconic images.

Born and raised in Germany, Britta studied photography in the UK, where she still lives today. When not in the field, she regularly speaks at European photography festivals and sits on the jury of leading international photography competitions.

Britta’s work has won many awards. Among others, she was awarded the Magnum Photography Award. She was the winner of the Vanity Fair Changing Your Minds Award and is not only the first, but the only female photographer to win the grand title of European Wildlife Photographer of the Year twice. She was recognized by the Royal Photographic Society as one of a hundred heroines celebrating women in photography.

Foto © Britta Jaschinski

FOTO-TALK: AUF DER COUCH takes place within the framework of the XB-Lab project. Funded by the model programme “Utopolis – Socioculture in the Neighbourhood” as part of the interdepartmental strategy Socially Integrative City “Strengthening Neighbourhoods, Living Together in the Neighbourhood” of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs and the Commissioner for Culture and the Media.