19. October 2022 , 19:00

Views on Eastern Europe

Discussion with Prof. Dr. Monica Rüthers (expert on Eastern European history, University of Hamburg) and Agata Szymanska-Medina (photographer), presentation: Gemma Pörzgen (journalist specializing in Eastern Europe and foreign policy).

Many photos from Eastern Europe follow common stereotypes and clichés. They often show poverty and misery and thus convey impressions of an ongoing crisis. In addition, countries as different as Armenia, Belarus or Romania seem strangely alike in some photographic works, as if a corresponding filter had been applied to the images.

Why do we encounter the same images over and over again? Are they meant to confirm the corresponding clichés and thus the expectations of Western viewers? Is it mainly such images that are in demand in the editorial offices? How can we succeed in breaking such stereotypical views and develop a different perspective?

Admission 8 € | reduced 5 €. The event will be held in German!
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Photo (Prof. Dr. Monica Rüthers): © Jean Claude Mahler

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