Angela Merkel steigt in einen Wagen

Andreas Herzau


15. September 2018 2. December 2018

The new series AM by Andreas Herzau uses Angela Merkel as an example to examine the relationship between politics and the public as well as the representation of female power. Andreas Herzau accompanied the CDU chairman and German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel for years at public performances for his photographic investigation. AM shows the theatre, the absurdities and realities of political life, the loneliness, the struggle, the power and the injuries that politics brings with it as a profession. For his work, Herzau makes use of the collective knowledge of one of the most photographed persons on the political stage: he deconstructs rituals of public self-presentation with excerpts and sometimes enigmatically encrypted images, thereby making unexpected details speak for themselves. Andreas Herzau’s black and white photographs counter the inflationary level of Angela Merkel’s images with an attempt to visually do justice to one of the most influential personalities of our time.

An exhibition in the framework of the European Month of Photography Berlin (EMOP).