Mihaela Noroc

The Atlas of Beauty

16. November 2017 21. January 2018

In 2013 Mihaela Noroc decided to quit her job and to dedicate herself exclusively to photography and travel. She called The Atlas of Beauty into life. At first only a personal photo project The Atlas of Beauty quickly became a global undertaking. Traveling only with her backpack and her camera equipment, the photographer since then has been portraying more than 2,000 women from over 50 countries: from Germany to North Korea, from Myanmar to Iceland.

The result is a kaleidoscope of women’s portraits, which could not be more different. „For me, beauty is diversity. It is much more than what we often see today in mass media”, says the photographer about her project.

In a time of ubiquitous beauty ideals, standardized bodies and body optimization, The Atlas of Beauty shows photographs that encourage women worldwide to go their own path and to discover their own beauty, beyond marketing campaigns and social constraints.