Masterclass Porträt Ausstellung Fendt

Sibylle Fendt


23. November 2023 26. November 2023

The exhibition can be visited from 23 to 26 November, from 1–7 pm. Admission is free!

With works by: Lotte Agger, Sandra Buschow, Francesco Giordano, Klaus Heymach, Silke Jacobsen, Karin Kutter, Jörg Meier, Michael O’Ryan, Helen Stevens, Antya Umstätter, Tara Wolff.

Under the direction of: Sibylle Fendt

During the past 11 months, the 11 participants of the f³–MASTERCLASS PORTRAIT have dealt intensively with the photographic depiction of people. What does it really mean to encounter a person with a camera? What do we reveal about them through photography, how does the relationship and the image of that person change when encountering them more than once?

In 11 diverging narratives we delve into unfamiliar worlds in which we discover ourselves – just as we may discover the unexpected in familiar places. Some photographers provide us with very personal insights into their world, while others guide us on an explorative journey. And there are always important themes: faith, love, loneliness, origin, the long journey to one‘s self, levity and pleasure.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 7 pm with a performance by Tima die Göttliche (Tima the Divine).

Book Release »While My Uke Gently Smiles«:
Friday, November 24, 2023, 7 pm | Ukulele Concert with surprise guests from the book.

[The f³–MASTERCLASS PORTRAIT is aimed at photographers and photographic artists who focus on the genre of portrait photography. The participants discussed their work in regular project presentations and intensive dialogues. In addition to the creative/artistic examination of the series, questions about the organization of exhibitions, the sale of images, the publication and marketing of photographs, in short, everything that belongs to everyday professional life, also find a place in the master class].

Image: Tima die Göttliche © Jörg Meier, 2023