Salon ReVue

20. June 2022 , 19:00

From now on and at regular intervals, Salon ReVue will give a space to current and relevant topics from ReVue Magazine.

New scientific findings and perspectives, innovative ideas and of course photography and questions of perception will determine the events. Representatives from the field will enter into dialogue with scientists and exchange ideas with the audience. In this way, the evenings will become joint walks between the disciplines.

The first Salon ReVue is about the major, current topic of Flight.
20 June is World Refugee Day – it is the day that reminds us that millions of people are forced to leave their homes. The UNHCR estimates that by the middle of 2022 more than 100 million will be on the run for the first time. On the occasion of World Refugee Day, Miriam Zlobinski (ReVue) discusses the issue with historian and bestselling author Andreas Kossert and photographer Félix Kleymann.

Andreas Kossert‘s most recent book was “Flucht – Eine Menschheitsgeschichte”. He was awarded the NDR Kultur Non-Fiction Book Prize 2020 and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Prize for “The Political Book” 2021 for his work.

The photographer Félix Kleymann is currently working in Ukraine. As early as 2015, he asked himself: How do people endure the hardships of flight? He set out on a journey and accompanied people fleeing from northern Iraq to Germany. Ride in a rubber dinghy included.

Admission 8 € | reduced 5 €

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking an online ticket, which you can get here.

Photo: © Felix Kleymann. Greece, Lesbos, 2015. Great relief after the wait for the ferry is over. Crossing to Kabala, Greece. There were about 1600 people on board, the crossing took four hours. On the ferry, you could feel the tension falling off the people. From now on, it’s onwards, that was the common feeling of the passengers.

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