27. August 2019 , 19:00

We cordially invite you to the opening of our photography exhibition

Ian Willms | Pablo E. Piovano 

Greetings: Katharina Mouratidi, Artistic Director f³ – freiraum für fotografie
Introduction: Martin Kaiser, Managing Director Greenpeace Germany
Conversation: Conny Boettger, Picture Editor Greenpeace, in conversation with Lars Lindemann, Head of Photography Magazine GEO, Ian Willms and Pablo E. Piovano

The Canadian Ian Willms and the Argentine Pablo E. Piovano are the winners of the Greenpeace Photo Award.

Pablo E. Piovano (* 1981) documents decades of land conflicts in Patagonia. The Mapuche peoples fight against the destruction of their livelihoods and claim the right to live their centuries-old traditions. In his series Patagonia – Land in Conflict, Piovano contrasts the unique beauty, biodiversity and cultural diversity of Patagonia with the brutal struggle for its future.

In his project As Long as the Sun Shines, the photographer Ian Willms (* 1985) shows the consequences of oil sands exploitation in Alberta, Canada. Against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, enormous clearing areas tear deep wounds into the land. The oil from the tar sands is washed with massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals – an “ecological disaster of the highest explosiveness” (Lars Lindemann, Head of Photography Magazine GEO).

The exhibition can be seen from 28 August until 3 November 2019. Please find further information here.

In Cooperation with Greenpeace e.V.

Photo: © Pablo E. Piovano