14. August 2019 , 19:00

In conversation with Dr. Enno Kaufhold, freelance Photo Historian, photographer Arne Wesenberg gives insights into his work and talks about his project Im [Un]Ruhestand.

The political scientist Gesine Schwan, the photographer Thomas Höpker, the professor Jeanine Meerapfel, the toilet attendant Werner Berlin, the writer Rafik Schami, the actor Michael Gwisdek, the social pedagogue Petra Peterich have something in common: they work although they have long since reached the legal retirement age. For more than seven years Lübeck-based photographer Arne Wesenberg has been portraying with an an analog large-format camera the reality of life of those who, voluntarily or out of economic necessity, have been working in their old age.

With Dr. Enno Kaufhold, the photographer talks about the background of his work Im [Un]Ruhestand, about how he was able to realize and finance this freelance project, how he met his protagonists and how, after many years, his idea finally turned into a book and an exhibition project.

The conversation will be held in German language.

Admission: 5 € | reduced 3 €.

FOTO-TALK: ON THE COUCH is the new event format of f³ – freiraum für fotografie. Regularly a photography expert and a photographer are discussing important content and aesthetic questions related to photography.

Supported by Mittel des Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) and the City of Berlin.

Photos © Arne Wesenberg from his series “Im [Un]Ruhestand” | Design © Nicole Algieri.