Foto Talk: On the Couch

20. March 2019 , 19:00

In conversation with Ute Mahler, founding member of the agency OSTKREUZ, photographer Sibylle Fendt gives insights into her work and her current projects.

Sibylle Fendt is a member of the OSTKREUZ agency and has worked successfully as a freelance photographer for many years. With the support of prizes and scholarships, she works on her own long-term projects, she photographs for magazines and newspapers, shows her work in exhibitions internationally and has already published several books. Currently, she holds an administrative professorship at the University of Hannover. 

Ute Mahler talks with Sibylle Fendt about the different aspects of her work as well as about her strategies to be successful as a photographer. In addition to practical questions of how to cooperate with publishers, exhibition houses and picture editors, the possibilities of surviving financially today as a photographer in the long run are to be discussed.

The conversation will be held in German language.

Admission: 5 € | reduced 3 €.

FOTO-TALK: ON THE COUCH is the new event format of f³ – freiraum für fotografie. Regularly a photography expert and a photographer are discussing important content and aesthetic questions related to photography.

Supported by Mittel des Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF) and the City of Berlin.

Photo © Sibylle Fendt from the series Gärtners Reise (Gärtner’s Voyage).