29. November 2020 , 14:00

What activieties are there in Kreuzberg these days? How can one contribute more creatively and actively to life together in the neighbourhood?

At the FOTO-SPAZIERGANG II: The self-organized and sociocultural quarter, part II we visit the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Museum and talk to various intitiatives that shape and define the neighbourhood, such as the aquarium and the NaunynRitze.

Join us for a digital walk here on November 29, 2020 at 2 p.m., from the comfort of your home sofa. The language is German.

The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG is carried out by Andy Wolff, who was born in Kreuzberg over 60 years ago and has been working in the Regenbogenfabrik, a children’s, cultural and neighbourhood center since 2006.

The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG takes place as part of the XB-Lab project. Funded by the model programm “Utopolis – Soziokultur im Quartier” as part of the interdepartmental Social City Strategy “Nachbarschaften stärken, Miteinander im Quartier” of the Federal Ministry of Interior, Building and Home Affairs and the Commissioner for Culture and Media.

Image / Film © Jannis Keil