6. February 2022 , 11:00

Guided tour every first Sunday of the month at f– freiraum für fotografie.

Every first Sunday of the month, we cordially invite you to our FOTO-FÜHRUNG at 11 am.

The art historian and photography expert Miriam Zlobinski will introduce you to our current exhibition LOVE AROUND THE WORLD. Knowledgeable and witty, she will provide insights into the genesis of the project as well as into the biography and career of the adventurous photographer couple Davor and Andela Rostuhar. In addition to well-founded background information on the individual exhibits, she will take you behind the scenes of the work at freiraum für fotografie and explain the curatorial concept of the exhibition.

Admission 5 € | reduced 3 €.

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking an online ticket, which you can get here.

Photo: Jitendra (40), Rattna (38) and Sadnam (38) from India live in the Kinnaur Valley, a remote valley in the Himalayas. It is one of the last places in the world where polyandry – the custom where a woman has several husbands – is still practised. © Davor Rostuhar.