#Feministwednesday 02

25. May 2022 , 19:00

Accompanying event to the exhibition _:* Portraits of Artists

With Joris Bas Backer (comic artist and illustrator) and Julia Zejn (comic artist and illustrator), moderated by Sibylle Fendt.

With her guests, photographer Sibylle Fendt talks about the process of creating their graphic novels, about the personal motives of the two comic artists to bring the issues they address into the public sphere, and about the need to overcome gender-specific prejudices. Joris Bas Backer reads from his current gravic novel Küsse für Jet, which tells the story of a teenager who discovers over time that he is more of a boy than a girl. Julia Zejn presents her current graphic novel Other Circumstances. It is about an unwanted pregnancy and the protagonist’s wish to be allowed to decide her own future

Admission 8 € | reduced 5 €.

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking an online ticket, which you can get here.

Photo: © Sibylle Fendt / Ostkreuz.

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