#Feministwednesday 01

11. May 2022 , 19:00

Accompanying event to the exhibition _:* Portraits of Artists

With Heinrich Horwitz (director, choreographer, actor) and Goodyn Green (photographer, queer porn filmmaker), presented by Sibylle Fendt.

With her guests, photographer Sibylle Fendt talks about their involvement in the queer art scene and the everyday hurdles that have to be overcome in their work. Goodyn Green gives insights into her renowned queer pornographic work and talks about the need to fill the void of queer pornography and queer erotic photography. Heinrich Horwitz’s work as a director, choreographer and actor is always about breaking down gender roles and norms.

Admission 8 € | reduced 5 €.
The event is open to persons aged 18 and over.

The number of participants is limited, so we recommend booking an online ticket, which you can get here.

Photo: © Sibylle Fendt / Ostkreuz.

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