f³ – TREASURES | Print and Book Market

3. December 2023 , 12:00

Be there on the first weekend of December when we present our new format f³ – TREASURES | Print and Book Market!

Whether you have been collecting for a long time or are completely new to photography and photographic art: at f³ – TREASURES you can discover exciting new positions of photographers and get into conversation with the people behind the artworks. At the first and only print and book market in Berlin, 20 selected photographers and photo artists will present their work. Single images or series, hand prints or printed products, photo books and editions: Everything that is exhibited can be purchased and at moderate prices! This way you can build the foundation of a collection, add exceptional works to your existing collection, or simply find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Besides, you support the work of the photographers and photo artists!

Look forward to f³ – TREASURES, the first print and book market for photography and photographic art on December 2 and 3, 2023 from 12–6 pm at f³ – freiraum für fotografie.

With works by: Sarah Eick (@sarah_eick), Robert Herrmann (@robert_herrmann_fotografie), Herspective (@herspective_photographers), Paulina Hildesheim (@paulinahildesheim), Christian Jungeblodt (@christian_jungeblodt), Irina Kholodna (@irinakholodna), Thomas Kierok (@thomaskierok), Joanna Kosowska (@joko_foto), Richard Kranzin (@richard_kranzin_photography), Chris Lambertsen, (@chrislambertsen_hamburg), Bernd Lauter (@berndlauterphotography), Oliver Leu (@ollileu), Sandra Prengel (@sandraprengel), Sandra Ratkovic (@sandraratkovic), Christian Reister (@christianreister) & Christoph Schieder (@christoph.schieder), Antonina Savytska (@some__antonia), Gottfried Schenk (@gschenk_texte_fotografie), Shift Books Berlin (@shift.books), Sputnik Photos (@sputnikphotos), Joanna Szproch (@joanna.szproch).

Image: © Sandra Prengel