24. July 2022 , 14:00

What activities are there in Kreuzberg these days? How can one contribute more creatively and actively to life together in the neighborhood?

FOTO-SPAZIERGANG TOUR II: The self-organized and socio-cultural quarter

The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG introduces associations, initiatives, institutions and people who have been active in Kreuzberg for decades and who shape the cultural life in the district. What is currently going on at Bilgisaray? How did the Schokofabrik Women’s Center come about?

The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG is carried out by Andy Wolff. Andy was born in the Kiez over 60 years ago and has been working in the Regenbogenfabrik, a center for children, culture and neighborhood since 2006.

Further dates: 21. August and 2. October.

Free entry! Participation is only possible with an online ticket, which you can book here. The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG takes place in German.

The FOTO-SPAZIERGANG takes place as part of the XB-Lab project. Funded by:

Photo: © Holger Biermann.