Direction: Sibylle Fendt

Closing Exhibition f3 – Masterclass Portrait

24. November 2021 28. November 2021

Within the framework of the f3 – Masterclass Portrait 2020-2021, eight intensive works were created, which can now be seen in a joint final exhibition. The subjects of the eight photographers are as different as they are themselves. But the human being is always at the centre.

The renowned photographer and lecturer Sibylle Fendt supervised the participants’ projects for a year. In an intensive dialogue, they dealt with many questions: “How do I approach the person I want to photograph? “What is the relationship between me and my protagonists? “How is this reflected in my work? “What photographic approaches do I pursue? And finally: “What do I want to tell and how?

In regular project presentations, the participants learned to talk about their work and analyse their projects in terms of visual language, technique and approach.

The exhibition combines a great variety of possibilities to reflect on a person, a group, a place of encounter and on being human in itself. The photographers encountered their protagonists with melancholy, wit, seriousness, precision, rigour, pathos and love and created eight unique photographic series. They met soulmates, siblings, people of all ages, a fighter with many obstacles, an ageing icon, their own mother, lateral thinkers and ex-friends. And they always photographed themselves as well.

Direction: Sibylle Fendt

With works by:
Johanna Eckhardt
Rannveig Einarsdóttir
Angela Giebner
Nick Grossmann
Isabel Kittler
Helen Stevens
Giulia Thinnes
Paula G. Vidal

EXHIBITION: 24. – 28. November 2021
Wednesday – Sunday, 1 – 7 pm

Photo: © Isabel Kittler, from the series „Sandra K.“, 2021.