Blinde Fotograf:innen Frau rote Handschuhe


3. October 2020 31. January 2021

Susanne Emmermann, Mary Hartwig, Silja Korn, Gerald Pirner

BLIND PHOTOGRAPHERS presents works by four artists from different generations, all of whom lost their sense of sight at some point in their lives. For years now, each of them has been artistically exploring something that is essentially impossible: the act of seeing.

They use the technique of light painting for their photographs, which is almost as old as photography itself. In completely darkened rooms, they work out various aspects of the image they want to convey to viewers using a range of very different light sources they’ve selected themselves. Sighted assistants support them by arranging the motifs according to their instructions and verbally translating what they themselves cannot visually perceive. In this way, the BLIND PHOTOGRAPHERS maintain a high degree of control over the resulting images.

Through their concentrated interaction with the medium, each of them develops an individual and unique visual language. This can range from an abstract play of colors and shapes through black-and-white self-portraits to expressionist narrative forms reminiscent of the works of old masters.

Image describers are available to you during our opening hours, who, through their mediation, allow a completely new view of the works on display. For the blind or the visually impaired, this is a common practice to experience exhibitions. The detailed descriptions open up new horizons for sighted visitors – they learn a different, more intense way of seeing.

In cooperation with Fotostudio für Blinde Fotograf*innen in Berlin and with the kind support of Aktion Mensch.

Photo: © Susanne Emmermann | Fotostudio für Blinde Fotograf*innen