f³ – freiraum für fotografie presents five to six exhibitions of international author photography per year. In addition to exhibitions, there will be talks with photographers, debates and workshops regularly. Here you can find more information about our current exhibitions and events.


f³ is an initiative by Society for Humanistic Photography (Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie – GfHF). The GfHF promotes engaged auteur photography that focuses on socially relevant issues since its foundation in 2006. In solo and group exhibitions realized at f³ – freiraum für fotografie, and in collaboration with museums and cultural institutions in Germany and abroad, as well as in the public sphere, the GfHF presents the works of both renowned and emerging contemporary photographers. Using innovative multimedia formats, online and print publications, workshops for professional photographers, as well as art education programs the GfHF sets important thematic and aesthetic accents within the current confusing image and media flood, and contributes to the public debate about social and political issues.


Katharina Mouratidi
Artistic and Executive Director
email: info@fhochdrei.org

General Inquieries
email: info@fhochdrei.org

Barbara Bichler
Press and Public Relations
email: presse@fhochdrei.org

Tobias Laukemper
email: tobias@fhochdrei.org

Miriam Zlobinski
Freelance Cooperator Education
email: zlobinski@gfhf.eu

Jenny Petzold
Freelance Cooperator Fundraising
email: petzold@gfhf.eu