Application Workshop Funding | Online

Jenny Engler-Petzold 

16. October 2023 17. October 2023

Photographers and photo artists who would like to apply for funding for their free projects are faced with two major challenges: writing application texts and calculating a cost and financing plan.

Texts for successful applications should describe the planned project as precisely as possible and, in addition to information on the project content and implementation, must also contain reliable information on the background of the project, the target group of the project, the impact analysis and the evaluation. Cost and financing plans must fully reflect the planned project and list income as well as costs.

The Application Workshop Funding is a practical format. Under the guidance of the speaker Jenny Engler-Petzold, the participants develop building blocks for texts and cost plans, which they can use variably in the most diverse financial applications for their projects. In addition to the logical structure of project content, the first steps in measuring the impact/success of a project and long-term strategic budget planning are dealt with in depth.

The Application Workshop Funding can be booked based on the workshop Money, Money, Money: Where does the money for photographic projects come from or independently of it.

Jenny Engler-Petzold has a degree in geography and is a certified EU fundraiser. She works independently as a project and funding consultant and primarily looks after associations in the areas of social affairs, culture and development and environmental education, but also freelance artists. Since 2015, Jenny Engler-Petzold has been supporting the Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie (GfHF) as a freelancer in acquiring funding, billing and evaluating photographic projects. Their experience ranges from local to European funding. In addition to applying for funding, her focus is on the calculation of project budgets and the administrative and financial handling of independent projects. In 2022, Jenny Engler-Petzold opened her own office – Jenny Petzold Fördermittelmanagement – where she advises companies and creative people from all industries.

SCOPE: 2 teaching days of 7 hours each plus breaks | Online
DATE: October 16th + 17th, 2023
LOCATION: Online via Zoom
COST: €300 (€280 for participants of the Money, Money, Money workshop); VAT is not charged due to § 4 No. 22 UStG.

REGISTRATION: The registration deadline is October 6, 2023, 11:59 pm
Please send the following documents to
– Short curriculum vitae including documentation of previous projects, exhibitions, books, publications (max. 2 Din A4 pages)
– Exposé of the project that you would like to work on in the application workshop (max. 1 Din A4 page)

Photo: © Katharina Mouratidi, 2023.